Freshman and JV Teams Unite


Autumn Copeland

The Devine JV and Freshman football teams joined forces this week after the freshman schedule dwindled due to shortage of opposing teams. The freshman players will continue to see action thanks to the Devine coaches quick move to absorb them into the JV team.

Autumn Copeland, News Writer

The freshman and junior varsity football teams are now consolidated into one team. Freshmen are excited about taking on the challenges that come with being promoted to junior varsity football. 

“Being on junior varsity now is definitely a step up in the road for varsity for all of us,” Freshman kicker Joseph Stafford said. “We’ve been waiting for this moment and I’m rather excited for the harder teams we are going to go up against.” 

According to Coach George Villa, the consolidation is due to a lack of teams for freshmen to go up against. 

“Bandera, Pearsall, and Crystal City do not have freshman teams,” Coach Villa said. “We’ve been looking to find freshman games for our freshmen, but we can’t find any. If we get a call from somebody who has a freshman team, depending on how far they are, we may jump on it next week. As far as this week goes, we had to combine.” 

Coaches went on to say this was the best decision to make sure players on both teams are able to compete this season. 

“This isn’t the first time we have done this,” Coach Villa said. “This happens all the time when we don’t have enough teams to compete. We would rather they all compete than one of them not.” 

The junior varsity team traveled to Bandera yesterday and continued their perfect season with a 56-21 win, while the Varsity Warhorses take on the Bandera Bulldogs today.