Cross Country Runs Kerrville

Martha Tovar, staff writer

This past Wednesday, the Warhorse and the Arabian cross country teams raced to the finish line in Kerrville Texas. They practiced long and hard prior to in preparation for the meet. Each runner passed the finish line with nothing but dedication giving all they had, drenched in sweat from the 90-degree weather. Throughout the tough course proud peers, family, and teammates cheered them on from the other side. 

“This Kerrville meet was pretty easy to me personally,” said senior runner Kristofer Aguirre. “3 miles with flat force, light feast, I ran through it so quickly and I was about 30 seconds off from a new PR”

While this course may have been easy to some, each runner pushed themselves to do their best and finish the race. Freshman Rachel Stotts came in second in the girls’ 3200-meter run which lead to a big cheer at the finish line from Devine coaches and the community.

“Personally I prepare myself by drinking lots of water and carb loading the night before,” said senior runner Kristina Moralez. “I also mentally prepare myself to get in the right, positive mind”

The Devine team overall placed third and they continue to prepare for their last two meets before district. The next meeting is in Seguin.