Varsity Tennis


The Varsity Tennis matches took place in San Antonio at John F. Kennedy High School this past wednesday. Devine Warhorses and Arabians won their 5th district match 10-0 against Kennedy. Next week Varsity Tennis will play at San Antonio Memorial High School for their final district match.

“Me and my partner have been working really hard to get to this point,” Junior Savanna Pequeno said. “I have improved so much since last year, I’ve gotten way more consistent, and got way better on my serves,” Savanna added.

Savanna Pequeno and Jordan Erxleben play doubles together and took a victory of 6-0, 6-0

“When I started tennis in seventh grade I loved the sport and continued to play it in high school. Looking back now I can see how much I, along with my teammates, have improved ,” Senior Joselyn Guarjardo said. 

Joselyn Guajardo and Oakley Malone won their doubles match with the score of 6-0 6-0.

“In our match against San Antonio Kennedy the guys came out really strong, jumped on them really early and we won most of our matches 6-0 6-0. We are hitting our peak and looking forward to finishing the district with the San Antonio memorial,” Mark Feltner said.