School Spirit at DHS


Juniors Brynlea Byrd and Skylar Blanton at football game against Hondo

Skylar Blanton, Staff Writer

The DHS community strives to boost our school spirit everyday in hopes of higher success rates. Leading our school in pride, our student section is the strongest here at DHS, and we look to be the loudest and proudest around. 


“Everyone needs to be involved because it gets the players and the fans hyped. It’s always good for everyone to go all out on the themes and to be loud,” said Student Section Leader, senior Kristina Moralez. 


Willie the Warhorse is one of the biggest roles at DHS because he is the heart of Devine. Senior Ashley Mattke spoke on what it means to her to be Willie, the school mascot. 


“I’d say my job mostly is to get the student section and the band hyped up,” said Mattke. 


Mattke fits this role so perfectly because she is always showing her school pride and spirit any chance she gets. On game days, while she’s not in the Willie costume, she always makes sure she’s best dressed, with her own customized shirts just for the game that week. 


This Friday the varsity football team plays against Uvalde. Make sure to be loud and proud and show your school spirit as we cheer the Warhorses on to victory. Let’s go Horses!