The Christmas Creep


DHS Journalism

The Christmas creep is real at DHS as Thanksgiving decorations get swept aside by Christmas ones.

Crystal Martinez, News Writer

Every year, once Halloween is over, people tend to not mention Thanksgiving until the day of and just focus on Christmas the entire time. People start putting up all of their Christmas decorations, they start listening to Christmas music & they start watching all the Christmas classics even though Thanksgiving hasn’t passed yet. Sometimes even during Halloween, there are Christmas decorations set up in stores. Why? Thanksgiving is like any other real holiday out there, why is it always being pushed into the background? 

“After Halloween, everyone looks forward to Christmas, because Halloween is epic & after that people don’t think about Thanksgiving, they think of Christmas & gifts,” freshman Bartholomew (Sadie) Russell said.

The trend of stores setting up all of their Christmas decorations before Halloween is called the “Christmas Creep.” This name is traced all the way back to the mid-80s. The “Christmas Creep” describes how store owners slowly start putting out their Christmas decorations in small amounts at first, but as Christmas nears, they put out more & more of their Christmas products. This is a huge role in people’s decision to start their Christmas early, they see the decor & start buying all of it. There aren’t many decoration options for Thanksgiving, but Russell has claimed, “Turkey decorations are cute & shouldn’t be ignored.”

“My family has always started celebrating after Thanksgiving, but personally I think Christmas should start November 1st,” Junior Hannah Matthews said.

Alright, alright, It makes sense to just want to race into Christmas, the weather, the decorations, & all the classic Christmas traditions, it’s all very exciting, but it gets in the way of taking time to celebrate Thanksgiving. Now there are not exactly many decorations, songs, or movies that represent this holiday, except for A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. It’s an important holiday and should not just be about food or the football game. It’s a day for family & friends to come together & be thankful. 

Yet Matthews offers a logical explanation that many at DHS can agree with.

“I think Christmas is more festive & everything surrounding it is fun, so I think decorating & being in the holiday cheer before Thanksgiving is totally fine & I prefer it that way.”