Honoring Labor Day


Liliana Murillo and Martha Tovar

September 5th, also known as Labor day, is a day all Americans gather together through parties, festivals, and parades to celebrate and to honor the contributions and achievements of American workers. Every year Labor day falls on the first Monday of September seeing that in 1882 the workers union decided on that day because it falls right in between Independence day and Thanksgiving.


“Me and my family tend to celebrate Labor Day on that Sunday going into Monday. My parents are very expressive in their beliefs, they like to express them by hosting a gathering for family and friends. We like to keep this our annual tradition to honor hard workers in our family as well as around the world,” sophomore Addison Davila said. 


Many see Labor Day as an important day that should be celebrated, as during the years, the opportunity to have a job was not available to everyone, and equality in the workforce wasn’t openly fair to all races or genders. While others see it as a three day weekend earned for all their hard work, with time to reconnect with friends and family. Although labor day is supposed to be celebrated with parties, parades and festivities, many celebrate it by spending the day watching movies or just hanging out.


“I spent Labor day at my friend’s house with her and her family going to stores and out to eat. We typically spend Labor day just like any other day,” said freshman Priscilla Fuentes. 


All things considered, labor in the workforce has increased tremendously throughout the years bringing conflict to the industry, the change made to honor workers caused Labor Day to be an important holiday to many around the world.