DHS Crowns Homecoming Royalty


King and Queen Aiden Zapata and Avery Cruz where crowned Friday night

Martha Tovar and Liliana Murillo

The first week of October was homecoming week for Devine. Students had dress-up days throughout the entire week leading up to homecoming day, where students can wear mums, and extreme bursts of maroon and gold colors to show the Warhorses their support. 

Mid-September, all students voted for who they wanted to represent their class in the homecoming court crowning ceremony. The eight nominees usually campaign for students’ votes by making posters, and social media posts, and passing out treats or other goodies. After all, the person with the majority votes wins. 

“Campaigning for it was pretty fun. I made a poster for the football game and I passed out a bunch of candy,” senior candidate Ashley Mattke said.

At DHS, all homecoming candidates are presented during a halftime ceremony during the homecoming game. The community comes out to support and cheer everyone on, and as the night goes on the excitement rises. As the varsity football team plays hard to earn that game win, the stands are full of fans cheering, but also wondering who will be crowned King and Queen.

This year the winners were seniors Avery Cruz and Aiden Zapata. Cruz is a varsity volleyball player and a varsity cheerleader. Zapata is a varsity football player. Cruz and Zapata, who are DHS News broadcast reporters, were crowned by last year’s king and queen who made an appearance at the ceremony that night.