Does the School Dress Code Interfere with Personal Style?


As DHS school has a dress code that many would consider strict, DHS students vocalized how it can impact their person, their style, and their image. 

Some students, like junior Crystal Martinez, feel that they can’t express themselves within the dress code.

“The dress code jacks up my style so badly, I have a very vibrant & expressive style, but due to the dress code, I’m forced to squeeze myself into the expectations DHS has,” Martinez said.

Others realize the dress code keeps them presentable.

“So like, outside of school I dress like total garbage. Like, I wear clothes with holes all the time or shorts. Like, I don’t dress up at all and I don’t wear shoes when I don’t have to,” senior Noah Davila said. 

Other students prefer to dress in plain shirts and jeans or top the outfit off with a casual hoodie. Sophomore Ariel Nixon, sees the need for a dress code but also knows how others can be affected by the uniformity of the school color shirt mandate. 

“My style is just jeans, and a hoodie, and some like Vans, so as long as I can just still wear a hoodie I think I’ll be pretty fine with the dress code,” Nixon said. But what if they stopped allowing hoodies?

“(Then) I would be sad because I don’t like the school shirts that much,” Nixon said. “So the jackets are a way of saying like, I’m not totally in uniform but I’m still in uniform, you know.”