Middle School Depression All Over Again– Losing Control Part 2


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Rapper Russ releases a continuation to his 2015 hit, Losing Control.

Brianna Torres, News Writer

Famous hip-hop/ rap artist Russ came out with Losing Control on November 9, 2015, and was his 49th single in that year. Yes, you read that correctly: 49 singles in one year. 

Russ wrote Losing Control for his first girlfriend as an apology and expressed his reason for writing the song. The whole song just speaks over how his first relationship ended, how he mistreated her, and how she was the only girl that cared for him. It speaks of recognizing what he lost.

On November 12, 2021, three days after the anniversary of Losing Control, Russ released the sequel to this song and named it Losin Control, Pt. 2.  This song still covers the breakup, but it begins with Russ wanting his girl back and regrets everything he did. Towards the middle of the song, he is explaining that every couple goes through problems and that they should go through theirs together. At the end of the song he finally realized that no matter how badly he wants to go back to her, he knows it isn’t the right thing to do. 

This breakup song is very relatable to teens today since no one is safe from everyone experiencing high school breakups. Losing Control Part 2 expresses every emotion the parting couple experiences. 

When the original song was released, I listened to it constantly, as “middle school me” experienced a loss that had me thinking my world was coming to a quick end. 

When I realized that Russ’ newest song was the continuation of Losing Control, I was excited even though I knew the song would make me feel mournful. Everyone experiences the yearning for a long-lost relationship. The what if, the let’s re-do this. And even if someone hasn’t experienced this themselves, Losing Control Part 2 helps in understanding a person’s need to revisit a relationship that has ended, even if it was some time ago, and even if they are happy with someone else in their lives.

“I’m here to let you know I need to let you go
That’s not my life no more
This isn’t right no more, no more

I knew you for a while, so it’s hard to just cut you off (You off)
But I gotta do what’s right, it ain’t fair to the girl I got (I got)
So I walk out the door while the tears walk down your face (Face)
As you cry out to me”

All of his songs tell a story of his life and relationships. It is one of the reasons Russ is so successful in the music industry– because people can easily connect their life to his lyrics and music.