Arabians and Warhorses Head to the Court

Brianna Torres, Staff Writer

Both the Warhorse and Arabian basketball teams had their first basketball games this Tuesday. The Warhorses played in Dilley and the Arabians had their second home game against Lytle. Both varsity teams played tough opponents, which resulted in a pair of losses. After a tight game, the boys walked out of Dilley with one point under, with a final score of 42-43. 

Senior Hayden Dubose said this was the first time having touched the court as a team. “I think we’ve learned a lot from this game and hopefully it will make us better.”

This week the Arabians are off to their three-day tournament at Southside high school. The Arabians had a great start to the tournament and walked out with two wins over Alamo Heights and South San West Campus on Thursday. 

“We played very hard yesterday and gave it our all. I really hope that we continue pushing through the rest of this tournament and play together as a team.” Senior Kendall Marek said. 

Both teams had a slow start to their season but with hard work and dedication, both Arabians and Warehouses can accomplish anything. 

“I make sure to keep a positive attitude among the buys and give them inspirational quotes to boost their confidence and mentalities. I see great things for us this season” Head Coach Evan Eads said. 

The Warhorses play Comfort Today in the Dsac at six and The Arabians play in Southside at 4. Make sure to come and show your support for both teams.

“I love when I look at the student section and I see all my friends cheering for us. I think it makes us play better as a team and we love to see the support” junior Kelsey Dishman said.