Basketball Continues Mask Protocol

Raynee Allen, Staff writer

With football sadly coming to an end, basketball season has finally started. The JV, and varsity girls played on Tuesday, Nov. 17, at the DSAC against Carrizo, and the boys played in Uvalde. There will of course be more games to come, but the schedule is constantly changing due to other teams being unable to play due to COVID-19.

“Our team has been unaffected by COVID so far, but this season has been kinda crazy so far,” coach Jim Sessions said. “Some of the schools we play have canceled due to a team member getting COVID, so the schedule is always changing.”

There will be many new changes and regulations put in place because of the pandemic. All of the players, boys and girls, will be required to wear a mask, even while playing. 

“We wear masks so that if one play gets sick, then just that player is out,” coach Sessions said. “If we didn’t wear masks, then the whole team would be out with just one sick player.”

This makes playing difficult for some players to breathe, especially ones with asthma.

 “I already have a difficult time without the mask, so now with the face covering, it affects my performance when i’m running,” junior Arabian, Kadence Yeats said. 

Overall, the team is excited to be playing this year. Yes they have to follow these new requirements, but they are still able to play and that is what really matters to the Warhorse and Arabain players.

“I’m happy to be this year playing with my friends, even though we have had a few changes, I get to play with some of the best, and that’s what matters most,” senior Warhorse Justin Contrearras said.