Macey’s Message

Macey Hein, Editor-in-Chief

You know I’ve been thinking a lot about other people and checking up on everyone especially around the holidays. I’ve been this way since I was little. The little girl who was in love with animals and always wanted to see people happy. I knew I had it so good compared to others so why not share what I could, my heart. No this isn’t supposed to be a lovey dovey fairytale or a Hallmark story. It’s always good to check up on people. Maybe you haven’t talked to someone in a while, or you didn’t end a relationship with a friend very peacefully.

This all came to me while I was watching Home Alone with my mom last week. The old man, Mr. Marley, and his son got into a big argument and it ended with them both saying they never wanted to see eachother again. Kevin told Mr. Marley he should call him because no matter what happened between them, his son still loved him. It made me think of a lot of friendships I’ve lost because of something so dumb and such a little disagreement that I can barley remeber what it was about.

This year so many kids around Devine were taken from the world too early. They did not get to achieve their dreams or go to college. They didn’t get to get married or have kids or buy a house, or raise a puppy with their family. Life is so short and I think a lot of us forget that. We only get so much time. Revatives, family friends, we all only get so much time to be together. So what I’m saying is cherish the little moments and the big ones. Check on the people you lost because of an argument or just became distant with. Maybe they are struggling or only have a little bit of time left. The past deaths of the young teens have made me realize how much my friends and family mean to me. I want to get as much time with them before it’s gone. So hug the ones you love, because tomorrow is not promised.