Macey’s Message

Macey Hein, Editor-in-Chief

This year has been very different. Coming into Mrs. Petty’s newspaper class for my second year, I was very excited. I was moved up to an Editor and later was given the Editor-in-Chief position.

Going from writing and editing others’ stories to running the class, being in charge of the Round Up and the Maroon Messenger on top of writing my own stories is a huge change. I am really liking my new role. Our staff is much smaller then last year, and we are all inexperienced.

As the year continues it’s getting easier to come up with stories and find information. The writers are doing very well
despite this weird year. I’m really proud of how they are handling everything.

No matter how stressful this class can get, I love our team and I know we will continue to write great stories and make it a fun year. Mrs. Petty has been an amazing teacher and we stress about things together daily. Make sure to check out our stories on the online paper as well.