Color Guard Prepares to Compete


Cassidy Garza and Brooke Walters

The DHS Color Guard has been working tirelessly to prepare for their upcoming band competition in Fredericksburg at the end of September. 


With repetition and hours of hard work, they have chipped away at their choreography, working around the clock to get every movement synchronized. 


“A lot of the time we work hours on end. We’ll be the last ones in practice constantly repeating what we’re doing so we get it just right,” said sophomore Mariah Carillo. “The hard work pays off like when we’re looking at the videos and we’re all on time or when my mom comes out of the stands and she’s like “Y’all did so good, I’m so proud of you.” Stuff like that definitely makes it worth it.”


There are several returning faces and one new addition to the DHS color guard. Freshman Angel Mason relays what it’s like being the only freshman on the guard.


 “I get a bit nervous before shows, but mostly it’s an adrenaline rush,” said Mason. “It really has helped me make new friends and be more involved in the band than I have before.” 


The color guard feels the pressure to be synchronized, as sophomore Naudia Wurzbach explains.


“We’re able to communicate outside of practice as well as on the field,” said Wurzbach. “We’re also able to spread ideas as well as positive feedback to help us succeed as a team.” 


The DHS band and color guard will be competing at the Hill Country Marching Festival in Fredericksburg, Texas on September 24th.