Asst. Superintendent Wendel Helms DHS, Search For New Principal Underway

Noah Davila, Publisher

After the retirement of high school principal Derrick Byrd, the search for his replacement ensues.

“We’re working on setting up the committees to vet candidates, which will be run by (Devine ISD Superintendent Todd) Grandjean and myself,” Asst. Superintendent and Interim High School Principal Daryl Wendel said. “It will probably be the middle to end of the month to start interviewing. We hope to have a candidate by the February board meeting. We could have a candidate to fill the position by March, but we hope to have someone by Spring Break.”

While the goal is to find someone to take on before the end of the semester, the committee’s main goal is to find a candidate who can handle the responsibility as the chief administrator.

“We want someone with the knowledge and prior experience to run administration, especially with an understanding of what goes on in a high school,” Wendel said. “If they have familiarity with Devine and its atmosphere, whether that be through interacting with Devine through another school or direct experience in the community, that would be best.”

Wendel previously worked as the high school principal eight years ago and is happy to be the interim principal during the search for the perfect candidate. High school students have noticed a difference, as Wendel is often sighted walking through the halls and dropping into classrooms to meet teachers and students, alike. As an administrator wearing two distinct hats, Wendel is prepared to address issues not just as principal, but as a district administrator with a unique insight into the daily goings-on of his last campus post.

“I’m excited to be back and working more directly with the kids and staff in a whole different way than at the central office, ” Wendel said. “You kind of get more disconnected as you go higher up, and I loved working with everyone when I was working in administration here at the high school.”