Brianna Bowyer breaks school pole vault record


Allyson Taylor, Staff Writer

On March 24, 2021, Senior Pole Vaulter Brianna Bowyer broke the school record with a vault of 10’. In 2006 vaulter Holly Howard set the record at 9’6 which only two vaulters have tied the record since. Bowyer started the meet by tying the record and knew she had to keep going to make a statement for herself. She then broke the record with a vault of 9’9 with two more chances to climb even higher. Her next vault broke her own record with a vault of 10’ and tried one more time to break it, almost clearing 10’3.

Since Bowyer’s freshman year, she has always had the goal of breaking the school record and setting one of her own for people to break in the future.

“Ever since my freshman year I have been training and working hard to PR and break the school record of 9’6. Being that last year I had been so close and my season was taken away so early, I made it my main goal to break it my senior year. I took extra lessons and participated in pole vault camps and clinics in order to physically prepare and better myself. Once I started getting consistent at practice, I walked into the pre-district meet confident and determined. As I went over the school breaking bar, everything felt as if it was in slow motion. I looked down and knew right then and there I had cleared the bar and had an instant burst of excitement. I had finally accomplished the goal I had worked all four years of high school for.” 

Coach Hannah Thompson stood beside Bowyer all season, pushing her towards her goal.

“We are super proud of Bri, she’s been working really hard ever since her freshman year and it has definitely paid off. Since she didn’t get to compete last year, she kept working hard and practicing to reach her goal of breaking the school record,” Coach Hannah Thompson said. “She had tied with the school record her first vault, then beat it with 10ft. She had almost vaulted a 10’3 which would have really set the record high. She has a few more meets hopefully to continue and aim to break her own record, but beating the record alone is a major accomplishment and I couldn’t be any more proud of such a hardworking, determined athlete.”