Devine wins UIL district meet by a landslide

Noah Davila & Jen Morales, Managing Editor & Staff Writer

UIL Academic teams competed at their district meets last week and took first place overall. Journalism team competed on March 23, at First Baptist Church in Devine, and the rest of the teams competed on March 26 at Somerset High School. 

“I was extremely proud of all of our students and coaches. This was a challenging year getting teams together and finding time to practice,” UIL Coordinator Debi Petty said.

Ten out of Twelve of the teams placed first in their competitions. Calculator, Current Issues and Events, Accounting, Speech, Spelling and Vocabulary, Science, Computer Science, Social Studies, Literary Criticism and Journalism. Devine finished with a total of 881 points. The runner up scored a total of 325 points.

Students who placed first – third or on a first place team will advance to the regional meet on April 14 through 17. Due to COVID precautions, these competitions will be held locally.

“We showed up and we won,” Mr. Wilcox, sponsor of three first place teams said. 

Below is a list of participants, and their placings.

Number Sense- Brooke Runyan, 4th. Caitlin Breiten, 5th. Clara Garza, 6th.

Calculator Applications- Brooke Runyan, 2nd. Caitlin Breiten, 3rd. Madison Crabtree, 4th. Clara Garza, 5th.

Computer Applications- Taylor Holman, 1st. Abraham Taitano, 2nd. Noah Davila, 3rd.

Current Issues and Events- Aaron Freas, 1st. Denton Zuercher, 2nd. Michael Cubriel, 3rd. Kyle Shelton, 4th.

Accounting- Allyson Taylor, 3rd. Arieana Ramirez, 4th. Aaron Freas, 5th. Mia Ramirez, 5th tie.

Ready Writing- Brooke Schott, 2nd. Shelby Joslin, 3rd. Khali Key, 5th.

Persuasive- Corwin Flores, 2nd. Catelyn Flores, 5th. Miranda Grubb, 7th.

Informative- Harper Parsons, 1st. Noah Davila, 3rd.

Prose- Jordan Mobley, 1st. Yancey Parson, 2nd. Crystal Martinez, 3rd.

Poetry- Trey Rangel, 1st. Eva Ozer, 2nd. David Hopkins, 3rd.

Lincoln Douglas Debate- Madilynne Mohr, 1st. Miranda Grubb, 2nd. Jamie Courtade, 3rd.

Spelling & Vocabulary- Lennon Herring, 2nd. Hayden Johnson, 3rd. Brooke Schott, 4th. Malachi Jackson, 6th.

Science- Abraham Taitano, 1st. Theodore Hinkle, 2nd.

Top Biology- Abraham Taitano

Top Chemistry- Theodore Hinkle

Top Physics- Abraham Taitano

Computer Science- Kyle Simpkins, 1st. Brent Wilcox, 2nd. Andrew Kohlleppel, 3rd. Maverick Carlos, 4th.

Copy Editing- Madison Mata, 1st. Allyson Taylor, 3rd. Arieana Ramirez, 5th.

News Writing- Madison Mata, 1st. Noah Davila, 2nd. Macey Hein, 3rd.

Feature Writing- Madison Mata, 1st. Macey Hein, 2nd. Noah Davila, 3rd.

Editorial Writing- Mackenzie Schneider, 3rd. Noah Davila, 4th. Cameron English, 6th.

Headline Writing- Arieana Ramirez, 1st. Alanna Monreal, 2nd. Allyson Taylor, 4th.

Literary Criticism- 2nd Trinity Spurgers, 3rd Theodore Hinkle, 4th Andrea Rios, 5th Gabriella Napier