Mighty Warhorse Band Corpus Christi Bound


Noah Davila, Co-editor-in-chief

Devine Warhorse Band placed 1st division with straight ones, putting them on the track for the Corpus Christi competition on October 30th. 

“The contest Saturday was a great success! We now have 6 consecutive 1st division at region marching,” Band Director Jeff Miller said. “We’ve advanced to Area 3 times now since I’ve been here, and from now on, it will be possible to advance every year instead of every two years as it has been. So we now have six consecutive 1st divisions at region marching.”

Since July, the Warhorse band members have practiced every weekday in preparation for this contest and in hopes of advancing to Area.

“Getting straight ones was something more than well-deserved,” Drum Major Jordan Erxleben said. “When I heard the announcers call our scores, I felt that we had made all the time we spent these past four months truly worthwhile. I’m extremely proud of each and every one of my peers, and I hope to continue our success when we attend Area next Saturday.”

Band members have not been the only ones to receive congratulations for this achievement. In addition, students have shown their appreciation to Miller and the other assistant directors and instructors in the program for their guidance. 

“I just want to say how grateful we are to Miller,” Band President Lily Harris said in a speech before the competition. “He’s always there to get us going. Even on those awful, hot mornings, he’s ready.”