Warhorse band fights it out in Fredricksburg

Crystal Martinez, staff writer

On Saturday, Our DHS Mighty Warhorse Band traveled to Fredricksburg to compete in the Pre-UIL Hill Country Marching Festival. Tons of emotions were bouncing back & forth, ranging from first competition jitters to senior year sorrows to the excitement of traveling & competing against other schools. 

“Knowing that this is my last year is still kind of surreal, it hasn’t fully set in that there’s no more marching for me after this,” Senior Jonathan Guardiola said. “I think I’ll miss some of the aspects of it but I’ll definitely be glad to sleep in every day.”

They performed their show, “Angels & Demons” which they’ve been working on since late summer. With practice every day in 1st period, after school every Monday & getting to practice on the field during Friday night lights, they’ve

“worked really hard for this show to be as great as it is.” – Charly Nelson

I love being a part of band and color guard because this is so much fun, but since this is my first competition today, I am a bit nervous. – Angel Mason 


They came home with an overall score of 1 1 2, coming in 3rd place.