Minor Setback, Major Comeback


Macey Hein, Editor-in-chief

The senior football player Justin Contreras hit a small bump in the road during the very start of the season. This bump in the road caused Contreras to be out of football for a little over a month. 

“It was the first kickoff return of the first game. One of my teammates missed the ball so I got it,” Contreras said. “After I got the ball I fell and my ankle started to hurt very bad and I sat out for the rest of the game.” 

When Contreras went to the doctor he was told he had a high ankle sprain and would be out for about a month. During this time Contreras went to Physical Therapy in Castroville to get his ankle better and ready to play. 

“The month seemed like it took forever and I was doing everything to be able to get back on the field,” Contreras said. “Going to physical therapy and icing everyday really helped me get back and I was counting down the days till I would be released”. 

Contreras’ first game back he was named Whataburger Player of the Week on Twitter. 

“I was super excited to be back on the field and playing with the boys again.” “I was tagged by Whataburger on Twitter and I was surprised,” Contreras said. “I was really cool to get an award like that my first game back” 

The Warhorses played Raymondville last Thursday for the Bi-district playoff game and came up short, losing to the Bearkats by one point. Despite some injuries and the regulations the Warhorses had a great and unforgettable season. 

“Playoffs didn’t turn out the way we wanted it to but I had a great last season competing and playing with my boys,” senior Buddy Santos said. “Definitely a season I will never forget.”

Towards the end of the season Contreras was selected to play in the 2021 All Star game held at the AlamoDome on Jan. 30 2021. 

“I was very surprised when I heard the news and I am just grateful for the opportunity to play,” Contreras said. “I want to thank God first for everything he has done for me because it makes me take a step back and see how blessed I am with family, friends, and coaches that push me through hard times and make me who I am today. My injury in the beginning of the season made me realize that nothing is guaranteed in life and you just have to be grateful for what you have.”