Air man returns home

Sophomore to see military brother for first time this year over winter break


Sophomore Bryce Winkler and his family.

Macey Hein, Staff Writer

Brandyn Winkler

With the holidays approaching, many families are planning to spend time with each other. However, the season is a bit more special for sophomore Bryce Winkler and his family. Winter break means Winkler’s brother gets to fly home for the only time this year.

Winkler’s brother, Brandyn Winkler, is stationed at Mountain Home Airbase in Idaho where he serves in the United States Air Force.

“My family and I only get to see my brother once a year,” Winkler said. “So I am always excited and look forward to the holidays because I get to see him.”

Not all military troops are able to leave or go visit their families during the holidays. However, their family will often send packages, cards, letters or call if they are unable to see them.

“We usually fly my brother home from his station,” Winkler said. “If he is not able to come visit us, we go visit him. We also send him holiday cards and birthday cards.”

Families like Winkler’s often do activities and spend quality time with their military loved ones since they don’t get to see them often.

“When my brother flies in, we all go out to eat and go to the movies,” Winkler said. “It’s also a tradition for him and I to go paintballing with each other when he’s home.”

Military troops’ time with family and friends is limited because of their duties. When they are able to see their family, the moments are cherished.

“I can’t wait to see my brother for Christmas this year,” Winkler said. “My family and I miss him so much, and we love getting to see him, especially over the holidays.”