Anticipating Our Thanksgiving Appetites


DHS teacher Mr. Tomlin and his wife bring a Thanksgiving feast to school every year for his students.

Mia Hernandez, News Writer

This coming week, we have our Thanksgiving break, and I can take a pretty good guess on what’s on everyone’s mind right now: the food. If you’re not excited to eat some good food, you must be out of your mind. The day’s traditional menu has changed since the first Thanksgiving, and now many people opt to eat Thanksgiving alternatives. 

“My family makes turkey and ham every year, and we have a competition for the best turkey,” junior Amayia Macias said.“My family makes turkey and ham every year, and we have a competition for the best turkey,” junior Amayia Macias said. “They put one in the oven, one outside to smoke, and then (they) grill one, and it’s really good.”

It sounds like this family doesn’t mess around when it comes to turkey. It must be amazing having three different kinds of turkey, and I now wonder what other holidays are like with the Macias family. 

“My favorite food is our homemade stuffing. My aunt comes over every year, and my sister and I help her combine everything, and get all the ingredients to make the best homemade stuffing,” junior Martha Tovar said.

Making food with relatives is always the best, and the interesting part is it seems like food always turns out ten times better when you have helped prepare it. 

As if Thanksgiving dinner isn’t amazing enough already, some families add cultural twists to their dinner tables. And it’s a perfect time to add dishes when you have the extra hands available to help prepare time-consuming, but delicious dishes.

Sophomore David Rendon shared his family’s tasty Mexican seasonal addition. “My favorite food for Thanksgiving is when my mom makes tamales, and she makes them every year,” Rendon said.

It looks like everyone can’t wait to eat food and be gathered with family they haven’t seen in a while. While the food is good, so is the gathering of loved ones.

Let’s remember it’s Thanksgiving, and be thankful for an abundance of family and friends.