Cheer at the endzone


Macey Hein, Editor-in-Cheif

The ringing of the bells and the roaring of the huge crowd that filled the Warhorse Stadium every Friday night was soon to change. The new guidelines and expectations worried the student’s hopes of having a student section this year for the football games. Luckily a new and improved section for the spirited students was made and all students, middle school to high school, are welcomed to have their section at the end zone.

“I really thought we weren’t going to be able to have a student section this being my seniors year due to COVID,” senior and a student section leader Allyson Taylor said. “I am so grateful that Coach Quisenberry did all he could to try and give the stu- dents a year to remember despite COVID potentially taking it all away from us.”

Although the typical bleacher space reserved for the student section was now used for fan seating, Coach Quisenberry thought of a new plan. Now students can bring lawn chairs and sit at the end line near the scoreboard. Of course social distancing is still required, it is a way to still give the students of DHS the chance to show their school spirit in a safe way.

“I was so excited and thankful to find out that Quisenberry allowed us to have a student section and I think having it at the endzone was a great idea,” senior and a student section leader Mackenzie Schneider said. “My goal is to be one of the loudest and proudest students at DHS and I hope to have a lot fun this year cheering on our boys.”

Every home football game has had a great student section turn out. Themes for each game are picked by the student section leaders. Students are very fortunate to have a student section and still be able to cheer on the football boys.

“We really need to make sure to have fun but also to follow all the guidelines because we don’t want to get shut down,” senior and a student section leader Arieana Ramirez said. “We would like to thank Coach Quisenberry for allowing us to use the end zone for seating for the student section because without him we wouldn’t have one.”