Once in a blue moon


Macey Hein, Editor-in-chief

Halloween is finally here, time to bring out the fake webs, Pumpkin Spice Candles, beanies, pumpkins, candy, plaid shirts, and scary movies. Time to bundle up on a chilly night and make yourself a cup of coffee while you shiver under your blanket as you watch HalloweenTown for the four time. Tis the season to dress up as scary monsters and walk around the neighborhood saying three simple words for a piece of delicious candy. And the season for hoping we get a spooky basket or Halloween dipped strawberries as we all see on Twitter. The smell of freshly carved pumpkins and apple cider fills the crisp air. Time for buying bags and bags of candy to pass out to kids, Halloween parties and family get-togethers. As we all know this year is a little different. There may not be as many people to pass out candy, fewer Trick-Or-Treaters out walking the neighborhood streets and fewer kids dressing up. But what will always be there is the feeling that Halloween brings; the constant excitement for sticky candy, the movies that make you scream and the chilly, windy nights. The spirit of Halloween will never die.


 What is unique about this Halloween?


  • October 31st is on a Saturday

Halloween has not fallen on a Saturday since 2015, this is also the last time it has been on a weekend. Not only this year but Halloween will fall on the weekend next year as well (2021), falling on a Sunday.

  • Full Moon

On Halloween night there will be a full moon. This will be the second full moon in October, with October 1st being the first.

  • Blue Moon

With the 31st being the second Full Moon of October, this makes this year’s Halloween very special. Since it will be the second of the month it will also be a Blue Moon. We will not see another Blue Moon till 2039.