Bingeable Shows Worth the Wait


Noah Davila, Co-editor-in-chief

As fall rolls in and people get back to staying indoor, personal preference this time, an uptick in studios have began to unload show after show. Some of these have been generating buzz that we haven’t seen since the Tiger King days of the early pandemic.

The biggest of these has been Squid Game, which quickly became the platforms most successful show in its history. This Korean thriller has taken a bloody hold on viewers with its brutal takes on childhood games. All 9 episodes are already streaming on Netflix, and with a run time of 8 hours this is the perfect show to blow a weekend on

“I absolutely loved the show,” junior Victoria Nunez. Obviously it’s greatly exaggerated, but it really makes you realize the awful situations people find themselves in and the lengths they are put through to support themselves or their family.”

For something more light hearted, Marvel has once again filled in the gap in super-content with its newest series, What If…? This series is a compilation of hypothetical questions that completely changes the direction of the Marvel universe. With zombie Avengers, a British Captain America, and a Wakandan Starlord, every episode is full of twists and turns that never fail to amaze and entertain. What If…? has also taken to the recent trend of Disney+ shows to release on a weekly basis, challenging the binge-watch style that has been dominant in the streaming era. The last episode will be released today, October 6th.

“I watched the first episode when it came out with my friends and I really liked it,” Kris Aguirre. “It’s a fun show with its action and all, but also to see how they take each episode to a totally unexpected place.” 

With fall comes the flood of halloween decoration and new costume ideas. This October 15th, Netflix’s You will return with a third season of their smash hit You just in time for season of slashers. This season, Joe and his equally crazy wife, Love, must navigate suburban life and parenthood in their usual twisted fashion. With Joe’s obsessive sights set on a new neighbor and Love’s brutal commitment to maintain her new life, the two are sure to leave a trail of destruction wherever their not-so-happy family goes. 

“This show is very very weird,” Junior Rayne Allen said. “It’s interesting how they can keep you watching, no matter how strange it gets.”

Two older IP’s will be returning later year with The Book of Boba Fett and a new season of Cobra Kai. Beginning its release schedule on the 29th, this miniseries will follow an aged Boba Fett as he navigates the seedy underbelly of Tatooine with his newest mercenary partner, Fennec Shand. The next day, December 30th, the 4th season of Netflix’s hit Cobra Kai drops. In this season, dojo leaders Johnny and Danny must put aside their nearly 40 year rivalry to take on series antagonist John Kreese, the new leader of the Cobra Kai dojo.

We are just in the beginning of the fall release schedule and already we have to wonder, what could they be releasing next?